new here how do you get the nice signature

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On the top of you screen you will see a button called (profile) click on that button. Then you will see another that says (edit profile), click it. You now have your profile screen.
The 7th section down you will see the signature box.
Type whatever you want in the box.

Please keep it to 3 lines or less. If you use a pic. Please keep it small.

Welcome to
thank you

how didyou put picter in
You'll have to post a small pic to a place that's accessible on the 'net.

Mine for instance is stored on

Then you'll have to plug the HTML code into the signature box in your profile editor to display the pic.
ok never did that before how do i post than plug in
If you picture is hosted by in the subdirectory called photos, and the name of your photo is xxx.jpg it would look like this.


The tag
tells the computer to stop looking.

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