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I am looking into buying a new heli since my Xk130 packed in (either control board or motor?)
The models I am considering are Wltoys V950 or the KDS Innova 450. The former costing £90, the latter costing around £200, so obvious whic is the better quality heli.
Thing is I am only a sport flyer, I cannot really do areobatics with a heli (doubt I ever will!!!) so do I go for the cheaper one, or will I be stuck again in a few months time with
another broke heli? Or just go all out for the KDS Innova 450? I am utterly fed up with models breaking and not lasting as they should it's a Travesty, makes me wonder why I bother at all with hobby but its so enjoyable, probably best hobby in the world. So all I need is a solid reliable heli for sport flying in the park, which should I get?
Anyone out there with either of these heli's, what's your verdict on them?


or motor


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I checked them out and the KDS innova 450 scored VERY poorly with only a rating of 1 out of 5 with 5 reviews. The other scored 2 1/2 with 11 reviews.
It's a tough call on the cheap helis since they are not being rated by serious flyers but by parents who let kids wreck them without knowing how to fly them.

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