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Have you seen the new traxxas engine. It has 60% more power and they are putting it in all the nitro cars and trucks. In the T stock it pulls wheelies and does 40+ mph. You can see it all at :banana:
I will wait till one gets in my hands so I can put it to its test and do a full review, but I'm affraid it may not be much more then a very nicely ported stock TRX :(

From what I can see of the new engine it looks like a big block .15. Back when I first got my maxx I was thinking of putting in a good racing engine like a BB.15 but getting parts for them is to hard in my area, so I stuck with the small blocks. I think its great they came out with a new engine but the ???? is can you get a pull start for it???
according to traxxas website, they offer one with a pull start and one w/o.

Thanks for the info WoodiE:)
Matts....not with your fantom you wont,sorry but too many people are shooting their mouth off too soon about the new maxx.
sitting back and getting proof is the wise thing to do,your fantom views yo-yo for and against,so i cannot keep up with you.
Hey dudes don't you think its best to wait and see what they are like before giving your own personal opions, as usually personal opions don't mean a lot as your allways say what you have is the be all and end all....?
too true,id say sit back and chill,wreck the maxx you currently have and then upgrade to your personal taste and or buget.or even get a new one;)
As soon as that engine is available to buy, I'm pulling the Fantom and going to give it a try, plus with the traxxas 50% off if you kill the motor it makes it a cheap way to go, what other engine can you get that with?????? Hmmmmmm none I know.
dodgy dave sells his gear at 33% of Mfr.rrp,but you get no come back if the plod want it back;)
pulling the fantom would be a good move dude,respect is due.
I'm still trying to find a way to get a hold of the guy who put a weedwacker engine in his custom made maxx. ;)

Id like to see what the track would have to say about that!!!!!!
Smoke and mirrors, I think this is sad that this is what traxxas is offering us this season. A .15 with a 2.5 as the name tring to make people belive its a bigger engie Fooey on Traxxas. Build something new and original Like the Maxx was 3 years ago don't playu off a couple redily avliable upgrades essentially some needed tretro fits as a NEW WONDER FROM TEH GODS OF TRAXXAS> fooey fooey fooey. That New Hpi is looking pretty sweet about now. X :banana: :banana:
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I get so many RC magazines its insane. I just have to figure out which one it was in. When I do, I will post it. I dont think he ran a body on it at all. It was completely custom. But cool none the less.
The 2.5 may or may not be any good. There is always room fore something better, is the 2.5 it? Only time will tell. It will be great to see some reviews written by people other than those at the mags tainted by advertising$$, and even more interesting the reviews that come out 6-8 month after people have been using them.
If you look close at the site...and the virtuall tour of the "New T-Maxx"'ll see some great new features. The new engine looks FANTASTIC - I'm not disappointed with the engine that's for sure. But the truck overall - FAR, far fewer updates than I was hoping for too. This is more like a mid year software update from Microsoft...know what I mean?

It should be called the T-Maxx V1.6 or something.
i think we still have not seen the new ?maxx family member yet,this is a revised model,and traxxas are claiming no more than that
matts6887 mate i have a fantom too and i'm over the moon with the performance of it.
But i will keep my eye on the new trax motor. Even if its only as good as and not better than the fantom its got to be the way to go .

As someone else said the trax motor can be exchange at 50% off more or less for ever,thats the best deal on a motor you'll ever get.

If i were you i'd wait and see,you might end up with egg on your face when you change to one later.;)
no mill is hands down better than another in the same class,they suit some more than just seems some like to post endlessly about theirs,then their views or needs change,and so do their posts.
the new mill has done it`s job already,got people posting and slagging it off,or praising it up,99.9% of them have not even seen one either