New CV-X and now it wont go.

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Finally got my OS .15 CV-X broke in. I was running it around the school playground. Man this little dude has alot of power. I was very impressed. I was taking its temp during every tank and at the start during the first and second tanks it was about 170 degrees. Towards the end I was getting about 220-230. I put the body on and ran it around and temps jumped to about 270 on the pavement and 300 in the grass. I thought this was too hot so I cut half of my windshield out. My truck also has the grill cut out with some screen in it. Anyway the next day I ran it around a construction site. It seemed to have tons of power. I was having a blast going up and over 5-6 inch curbs and climbing boulder hills. The thing was unstoppable. I checked the temps frequently and it seemed to be around 220-230. I pulled it in and topped off the tank to go do some hill climbing. Thats when the trouble started. I filled it up and ran it over to a curb and it just revved without climbing up and over. I let it cool down for awhile but same problem. I havent taken it apart yet but was wondering what might be wrong. Is it possible for the clutch shoes to wear out in 2-3 tanks? My theory is that they were hot when I stopped it and they fused together while cooling down. Can that happen? Any Ideas? I have the MIP clutch shoes and I have them on the inside holes with a leading edge engagement.
Why were you hill climbing after only 2 - 3 tanks of fuel. Break in period should be a minimum of 5 tanks of fuel, my Ofna 21 took over 14 tanks of fuel to break in. It sounds like either your clutch shoes are not engaging or your engine slipped from the mounts. Also another thing you might be between gears in your tranny.
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No, I didnt go hill climbing after 2-3 tanks. I broke in the engine as per instructions ie 7 tanks. Actually I think I went about 10 but lost count after 7. Anyway the 2-3 tanks was the next day after break in was finished. I took apart the clutch bell and it seemed fine. I switched the shoes to the outside holes but still leading edge. Havent had time to run it yet to see if that was the problem.
The problem ended up being the pin that holds the output gears to the shaft in the tranny. It broke. Got a new one, installed it and up and runnin' now. Thanks Ya'll.