New Button set...what do you think?

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here is one set of buttons i am considering...


...what do you think?

OR button set number 2:


Or button set number 3:


Button set number 3 would be in either sky blue or blue color not the green shown!

What do you guys think?
I like the black and grey buttons the best out of the three choices. That green is aweful though, I know its not gonna be that color but man thats ugly :D
Originally posted by NCNitro
That green is aweful though, I know its not gonna be that color but man thats ugly :D

LoL - ok thats what i need, honest opinions!

You want the truth right? I call it like I see it. :D Great forum, glad to see you always trying to improve on it too, and asking us what we all think, taking our opinions into consideration. Thanks
Originally posted by matts6887 be honest.....I think u are right about that green set of buttons.......yick........I think the best ones to me are the blue set with the white lettering

Yes i think the blue with white lettering fits this site to a T, but we'll see what others say.

First set. Blends well and enough contrast.
I like set 3 in blue and white. It still matches the theme of the site, but they are very clear and easy to read.
If all of the buttons have the look and feel of set #1, that would be great. If those are the only buttons being modified, then go with set #2 in the blue and white theme. They appear to be more legible. Just my $.02