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El Pirata

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Since my old one was looking pretty bad as well as the fact it had several holes (trial and error) for the body mounts I got a new body. I wonder how long before I tear this one up too? Probably tomorrow with Sky.

I'll probably get a roll cage made specifically for this type of body to give the added support when I bash it.
No self respecting Jeep Owner owns a Grand Cherokee. It's almost as bad as the Jeep Liberty.
Originally posted by NCNitro
I've got a hopped up 90 Wrangler with 65,000 original miles
I owned a CJ 7 and a Wrangler. Both fell victim to marriage and are no longer mine.
Originally posted by matts6887

What the heck are u talkin bout???? Are u tryin to dis my ride????? Well.....I've driven plenty of different suvs and as it happens......that is the one that best happens to fit my needs....;)
Yes, actually I am dissing your ride! :D
Originally posted by matts6887
O yea.....almost it so happens I happen to remember Skymaxx mentioning that he also had the same type as I do......So I'm not the only one.........
He does but he's a squid so I figured if he had already made one mistake another would not matter too much. At least he's got a max.
Originally posted by NCNitro
That sucks! She got both Jeeps? :eek:
No I had to get a vehicle that was more suiting a married man. I traded both in for a Cherokee because there was no way I would ever drive a mini-van!
so is choice of jeep as much as chlothes you wear,in importance?
El Pirata is just jealous 'cause he can't afford a nice SUV...he drives a beat to heck Cherokee Sport...