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I have a 3.3 revo and when i start it it starts and its idling it seems like the clutch is catching and sometimes it even shuts off like it stalls. I can't hit the brakes cause it will shut it off like it stalls. Probably a easy fix i just don't know where to pin point the problem
thanks, chris


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The "hitting the brakes"/stalling issue is your idle screw. Screw it in a bit until it stays running when you hit brakes. The carb slide shouldn't move when you go from "neutral" to brake on your transmitter. If it does, your idle screw needs adjusted. It's what keeps the carb from moving when you hit the brakes.

I'm not sure what your other issue is though.


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pull the clutch bell and see if your spring is in one piece traxxas clutches tend to break springs


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So when you start the Revo, do the wheels start moving immediately? Bump your idle speed up a little and it should solve your brake/stall problem. If your clutch is the culprit it's usually very hard to start as your starter has to turn the wheels and motor fast enough for the car to run. Do you have the 5309 model with reverse still installed? Sometimes this can cause the car to lurch and hop a bit.


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