need help with selecting an ESC

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Hi everyone! I'm new here, new to the hobby, new to the forum.
I've been trolling around looking for answers for a while, but now i find that i need to ask some questions:
So here's what I've got:

What your looking at is a Maisto Rockzilla 8.6v. they're not in production any more as far as i know. they have a rockzilla but its smaller than this one now. this one is about 16" long.
short story I'm a mechanic by trade, found this old toy grade thing that my wife got me a few years back, so i decided to tinker around with it after some studying... i start thinking "you know, you've got a small 12v battery floating around somewhere... wouldnt be cool if you could get that to work!??"

yeah... not so much. fwd and reverse work just fine but i burned out the steering motor or esc. alright, cool
so I've watched videos and searched forums. but i'm not really finding what it is that i'm looking for... a dummies explanation or a list of where i need to spend money to upgrade this dumb toy for absolutely no reason just because i can :D:thumbs-up:

alright.. FINALLY!! what does this guy want.. right??
here we go. plain and simple, really ... i wanna put it on a 3sLipo.
heres what i've got so far reciever and servo:

so heres my questions:
there are a TON of esc's out there so i wanted some suggestions on good AFFORDABLE ones...?
also being that its a dual motor 4wd, do i need 2 esc's for propulsion or just one?
do i need yet another for the steering servo i plan on installing?
did i get screwed when i got that servo or reciever and they wont work with a 3s?
i dont want to mess with the motors just yet (cuz $). but i will study on that and do it when they inevitably grenade

also.. i'm fully aware of how ridiculous this is... but i think we're all trying to have fun here, right? so lets leave out all the comments like "its a toy. dont bother. its not made for this. you'll never amount to anything and will always be a disappointment to your father, etc etc"
I've heard it all before and while you're not wrong... lets see how much fun we can have with a cheap car (the engineering is part of the fun)
thanks a lot for any help you guys could throw my way

Just need one esc, but you will need to make/have a Y connection to the motors as the ESC will only have one channel (Ch 2) for throttle. The steering servo will plug in to it's own channel on the ESC (Ch 1). For 3s and dual motors you'll want an esc that can handle a higher current load, so I think, probably the Hobbywing 10BL120 is going to be the best/cost option (~$50).

Good luck.
If you want to run one ESC, they make them for dual motors. I assume your motors are brushed motors 😜
HOBBYWING QUICRUN 880 ESC, Waterproof ESC for Dual Brushed Motors

If you run dual ESC's, you will need to splice the 3-wire cables to the receiver together but omit the positive wire from one ESC so you don't send double the voltage.
This is Toy grade rc.. will those motors take a 3 cell lipo.I'm saying if you use 2 esc you can make a Y harness for esc to reciever. you also will have to put the power wires that connect to battery together (best to solder them onto whatever battery plug your choosing..thats + to + and - to -..or red with red and black with black....I see a few upgrades your going to have to make in long run.Best of Luck...
This is my 2 motor Beast On 2 cells only motors are brushless so yes I have 2 esc..good luck with your Build..Its on a Thunder Tech Chassic with Dual steer

clod 2.jpg
sorry to shoot this project down. but you will drop more cash in this attempt than its worth
here is esc to get,aps,953&sr=8-5

the axels will break
the steering rack will also break so will the hubs

Iam just trying to save you the cash and man hours and ultimate frustration your jumping into
He's not changing the motors. Just the ESC, servo, and adding an Rx. And he did say he realizes that and doesn't care.
please video 1st battery hookup and 1st trigger pull. I like fires
It's just a fun project TNT, he is aware of what could happen.
Ok. Sounds like I'm getting the HOBBYWING QUICRUN 880 ESC!!
Even the guys who think this is a bad idea think so. ;)
Word.. this is gonna be SWEET!
Sure appreciate everyone's help
I'll be sure to post some videos when I get it going... well, either that or I'll have a weenie roast over the flames and let yall know how they taste.