N301 List Race #2

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List Race #2 has come and gone, and it was a great day. It has been a trying couple of weeks since the last race. We lost our longtime spot following our last race. One neighbor after all of these years (maybe somebody new) decided to be a stick in the mud. Long story I won't get into here, but we were scrambling to find a new place and one that wouldn't eventually present the same problems. It was looking rather dire for a bit, but eventually I went for the ace card and reached out to a local dragstrip, and they were very happy to have us race on the property. After a face to face meeting on Friday, we raced on Saturday. It presented some scheduling problems for a couple of guys, but they are able to work it out going forward.

The new spot was excellent in terms of location, privacy, and atmosphere. Not only was it very level and flat with good road conditions, we get to watch the 1:1 cars racing behind us :D After some set up, and a lot of cleaning the surface, we got down to it.




It was windy as hell, so we fought the dust devils all day. Felt like racing in the Cali desert with the wide open area and lots of dirt and scrub brush, lol.



There was a good bit of movement in the list. Big Moe and Alex B moved up a lot of spots. The final race was a rematch from an earlier round, Moe's Kong 2 vs my Invader 2. I had gotten him in the first race. Neither of us was running nitrous due to the dust and wind. It was one of the wildest finished to an epic day I've seen.


I came out of the hold very hard, all motor too, and had a gap on Moe as he veered off to the outside and was literally right on the edge of the sand. At 60 ft I figured it was won, and then I shook the tires myself and started getting sideways. I got out of it, and back into it, and back out as I slid through the traps as Moe just stayed in like a boss and came around me through the traps literally backwards!

They day was done and the big movers were Alex with his front wheel drive masterpiece (made the most consistently decent passes all day long until last round when his starter drill died), and Moe who got in position to claim the top spot. (Incinerator was locked in because the driver was at work and I didn't call him out).

Looks fun! Its been raining here for the past week so i havent brought any of my nitros out yet