N E 1 seen the new OS BFT???

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just in case you haven't go Here: www.rc10.com and check it out then come here and tell us what you think???
:cool: Looks cool to me. As with all trucks I have to see them run before I could truly say. Seems like a whole lot of tire to be pushing around with just a .21. Although a 3 speed tranny may be just what it needs.

Id like to see one run.

Ya mean AE? or Team Associated?

The chassis/backbone definitely looks beefy, but nothing beats the looks of the Savage yet.
Yeah I do mean AE , today i have OS on the brain. say how do you guys get those neat logos at the bottom of you posts???
hey matts i like your quote it is so true. well back to the discution. has anyone seen the movie clip??? i have not seen it yet i know it is just a little clip but i wanna see it run. lmk everyone ok
I don't think they put the clip on-line yet...just a graphic - trying to keep us interested.

NitroTC3racer - the sig banner? You've got to have one hosted on a site that you can refer to...THEN you can post the html code into your signature.