My RS4 3 Camaro

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Heres A pic of my RS4 3 Camaro body


  • camaro rs4 3.jpg
    camaro rs4 3.jpg
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OK, I'm a sucker for flames. Did you freehand them or did you use a mask? Certainly 3-3 in the nice looking body department...
I used a Parma mask you just position the flames where you want them then tie them together with a masking material, I dont use tape because it always bleeds, I use autographics vinyl paint mask material. Thanks Again:banana:
Man, your a good at painting bodies, very good:)
you guys have better shells than us guys to choose from,we just have bmw`s,mercs and audis to choose flames too guys:banana:
Thanks :D Wont someplace like tower hobbies ship to you over there? HPI bodies are great, they have excellent detail!
the size of the box makes it expensive to send to the uk.
Man that stinks, I thought I had it tough with a 90 mile round trip to my hobby shop :eek: Nobody in the UK sells them?
i suppose someone imports some shells but not the us style cars.
sorry to hear that Easy, HPI makes some real nice shells too, I am going to get the new Saleen body they just came out with. That thing looks great!
Nice job man !I really dig the flames ,very nice!

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