my new trailer

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kinda ghetto and its not finished but heres a pic.
Cool. I see a lot of flat black, I see your Easter hat hanging on the wall above the bouquet, and who's that I see on the left with the knee high galoshes on, and why? :whhooo: Was your bs getting too deep?
That's just plain cool! 50 cal. on top of that jeep would look sick! jmo
thanks guys, lol, rolex, thats my dad, i took that pic on my parents table and the boots are irrigation boots for the 2 ft of snow we still have, they work well.....not much to say about that hat though.
A deck over behind a Jeep, poor little Jeep.:hehe:

Looks good slow.
dont worry chip, remember its gonna have a parma hemi in it lol....
So you found a sale on flat black paint huh, lol. I was half expecting to find a piece of cardboard with some touring car wheels on a wood dowel taped to the bottom.:hehe:

Not bad at all Lloyd, outside pics would definitely be cool.
thanks Joe, i bought a MIG welder so now all i do he find stuff to weld lol and this trailer was a good starting point i think...
Well now you gotta try your hand at a tuber. :D

i plans too lol...need to sell some stuff so i can get some axles and tranny and then go from there...soon though i hope...
MURDERED OUT!!! Awesome man. My friend Brian is a fan of your work now lol.
Thats very cool Lloyd, I like it!!!! I hope the hitch on your scaler is rated for the kind of weight, LOL!!!!
thanks lol, yeah the hitch actually works great and i was kinda figuring on the weight being a problem but it just skwooshes my tires down and goes lol.
I would paint it a different color but it looks well engineered.
different color??? its all about murder did have all of it but the deck in black and the deck just in its natural stainless color but i can't help my self i paint everything flat black now.