My diff gears are here!

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Adrenaline Junkie
RC Driving Style
Finally....I've had this Storm for nearly 2 months and have never really gotten to run the stinking thing! Swap the gears tonight and run the heck out of it tomorrow! Wahoooo!


Adrenaline Junkie
RC Driving Style
My front diff gears were toast...NOONE has them in stock ANYWHERE...I finally found a guy through the MaxxTraxx board that had a few extras. He actually sold me an entire front differential with the front drive gear for $30!!


Hardcore RCNT User
RC Driving Style
Sounds like a good price:) But why did'nt you get thorsen diffs???


Adrenaline Junkie
RC Driving Style
Torsen Diffs?? WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for a fun basher vehicle...

Maybe if someone offered me one for $30...


Hardcore RCNT User
RC Driving Style
I put the center one in my buggy and like the way it works, I'm thinking of putting one in the front now. But you are right they are bit on the high end.


RCNT Basher
RC Driving Style
Personally I don't like thorsens diffs. I like to powerslide my buggy around the corners. With a thorsen, I find it hard to do this causing me to use breaks more often. W/ a thorsen on board my lap times slow down quite a bit.

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