My 56 Nomad Body

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Heres a pic of a 56 nomad body I just did, I used an entire bottle of alclad chrome paint just for the bumpers and trim, the body is done in fasburgundy and indy silver :D It's actually not been fit to a specific vehicle yet, but it would fit a 200mm touring sedan or my T-Maxx


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Awesome job, its a bolink right?
So far just for fun but if anyone is interested I will gladly paint for $$$, just pm me, Divine can vouch for my work he is the only person other than me with one of my paint jobs, I have T and an RS4 3 so I can fit it to either of them, and they are ready to go, just put in on and put in your clips. BTW thanks for the compliments everyone :D
it is good to see old shells as much as new ones,the indy silver is different to ours here in the UK.