Mugen Seiki MT .12 BigHead

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This is the mill that everyone in town can't say enough about. It has been around for a long time, yet doesn't get the recognition it should. There are a few guys here who run some mucho badass Serpents and go through all kinds of mills! But they have the best to say about this one for 1/10th scale on road touring. I may even drop one in my Losi XXX-NT just to see how it whips!

Cubic Capacity: 2.1 cc
Power: 1.15 HP
RPM: 36,500 (optimal, it does push harder!)
Stroke: 14.00
Bore: 13.80
Weight: 215gr
Shaft: diam. 11mm (SG)
Exhaust: Rear

This is essentially a Nova Rossi mill. The mill runs cool at under 200 degrees farenheit. The Big Head plays a big role in cooler temps. The rear exhaust is also a preferred one as it creates a 'straight-through' path for the fuel to flow. End result, better performance.

I will keep everyone posted as to my experience with this mill in action. Just wanted to post some pics and insight in the meantime. Also, I have a pics of a side-by-side with a TRX .15 Pro just so you can get an idea of the actual size.



Have a good one!

How much did it cost you, and were did you get it from???
160$ out the door at my LHS.

Thats not bad, keep us posted on how well it runs:)