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I just wanted to let people know how GREAT these buggies are. I've got the mbx-4 xr, and I am very impressed with it, its a bulletproof buggy. I just want to let people know that these buggies are great and to consider one if your looking for a new buggy. I am just so impressed with this thing, i mean i've jumped it into i-beams, carthweeled it on the straight, and colided with other buggies and still nothing has broken. The only problem I had was that the setscrew on the front cvd came loose, which sidelined me for a whole 5 minutes. I collided with a kyosho midair, and the kyosho broke, but not mine. Just wanted to put in my opinion, since theres always people asking which buggy is best, and what should i get. If your looking for a new buggy, definitely consider mugen.
Thanks for letting us know how you feel about your new buggy, but if you could please give us some info like what engine it comes with and the price of the buggy.
Well, it is a kit like matt said, and the kit is around $525-550 depending on where you go. And it does not include and engine. Although, Matt, it does include tires and rims. My kit cam with pro-line crime fighters and mugen 6 spoke rims. It is really a great buggy, but it does depend on what your budget is. This is of course a full out race-bred buggy, and requires you to buy engine, exhaust, and electronics seperately. I put the following in my buggy:

ofna/picco o-1 comp motor
rb 086 1 piece pipe
JR xr3 radio
Futaba steering servo
Hitec steering servo
Mugens are a bit pricey for a basher...they're the best if you've got the dough and you plan to race it though.

I REALLY like my GS Storm - perfect bash buggy...GREAT radio too.
Thats true, if you don't plan on racing the mugen prolly isn't the best buggy for you. Although it is stilla great buggy for bashing if you have the money.
Retread - I've been kicking around the GS Storm for a couple of months now. Its going to be between a buggy and an onroad. Out of curiosity, how is the 'broken parts' factor?

And can you easily obtain parts for it?
Get the Storm. It is excellent. I've had one for almost 2 months now and haven't replaced a single piece (knocking on wood).
At a racetrack the storms do not hold up, from what i've seen at least. There seems to be a problem witht he rear bulkhead and wing stay, they both break if you land hard upside down. I've also seen people break lower front suspension arms on many occasions.
Kyle, you are correct about the rear wing but it is fixed rather easily with 2 long screws and a drill bit. As for breaking suspension arms, you could probably blame that to user error. If you land on the front 2 alot of course they will break.
Thats true, you should always consider everything to leave your options open and not jump into anything. I don't think its user error tho, i have cartwheeled my buggy at full speed, jumped it into steel i-beams and ran into cornerboards at high speed. All of these were hitting the front suspension arms, and they still didn't break. I have about a 1/4 inch dent into my right fron sus. arm from the I-beam and it didn't even break. For it to dent that much and not break means it is made of very high qulity high strentgh plastic.
i have the mugen buggy...ur right its a great car.