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how long have the new motorsavers been out over your side of the pond,cos i have some new ones and think they will be better than the old`s.they have only been available here in the UK for 2 weeks.
thanks in advance:)
i didnt realize there was new models out, do you have a link?

no link but the t-maxx one is No. 1060,10/11mm,60 degree is meant to have more airflow and be lighter than the old one.
It's been out for at least 6 months here in the US.
thanks for that,i asked on freestyle and got no reply.
I use the new style on both my Maxx and XXXNT-DA.
I had trouble with the old one coming off but not the New ones.
Use DA to clean the carb and the MS tube before installation.
Doing this will help the filter get a good grip when you tighten the zip tie.
i`ll give that a try when i install mine,will i need to richen after putting the new sort on or does it not let that much more air through.
easy-maxx, look at the cold air kit how-to in the reviews section of this site. Doing this little how-to will also help keep the air filter on.

I think I could swing the maxx around with the filter and still not come off, its on TIGHT now.

New Motor saver filter, cool, i might get one

P.s, this forum rocks, it lets you do more stuff than the traxxas one:banana:
To this day i have never seen motor saver air filters in my LHS, i haven't even seen pro- line tyres:mad: though i don't go there much apart from the little things which i can really rely on them for or the big things i go across town. Though if i do want to have specialist items i shop on towerhobbies or rclimited.
you don`t know what your missing,to go into a lhs stocked to the ceiling with goodies,and for them to order in what they don`t have in stock
Originally posted by berra85
P.s, this forum rocks, it lets you do more stuff than the traxxas one:banana:
Your right, I love these dancin bananas:banana:
yea, about6 months, but i dont use motorsavers anymore, didnt save my motor when it was dusty :(
that is a result for you i`d say,to get anything in that situ would be can anyone prove they did not let the filter fall off.
I now run an os filter that came w/ my cv-x and it is awesome. It is kinda like the traxxas one except it has two filter elements and no dirt gets past the first one. I think its a little bit restrictive but it keeps the dirt out :banana:
the newer ones have a finer foam in them,would you try one of them of are you put off for life.
thedominator How long have you been useing the O.S. filter? I have 3 O.S. motors and the filters look pretty good but have been using the motor saver. I have looked at them but never used them because the motor saver as always worked good for me.
same here i have never used the os filter,only motor savers.most people tend to use motor savers too.