Monster Pirate Anyone got one ?

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Hey does anyone have a monster pirate? I heard they are huge next to a T-Maxx anyway these things are going for a song all over the net now. Looks like 299.99 gets a RTR

ARTR 249.99 and 199 for one minues motor and electronics.???

I just thought it miught be cool to have something that big. X
The Monster Pirate is larger then a T-Maxx. I almost bought one, but backed outta it because I seen the T-Maxx had MUCH more hop-ups and such for it.

Just about eveyone and their brother are making something for the T-Maxx. So I bought a Maxx instead.

I just bought one, haven't driven it yet...there are quite a few hop-ups available for it from and hardcore racing makes some nifty titanium parts for it too.
Monster Pirate

I have a ofna MP and I can say that I would not take 100x's my money back on it. It is a very good truck and can take anything you can throw at it. They can be made to have unreal take off. Mine is close to being stock but it can eat almost any thing on take off. It is not a real fast trk.(32-36mph stock) but it can get that speed in a very short distance. I would love to have another but could never find one for what I have in this one. If you get one just make sure you locktite eberything exspecally the out drive grub screws. And buy a shim kit for the diffs and fix them tobegin with. Other than that run the heck out of it you will like it. I LOVE mine.If you want info on the MP look on they have all kind of info.And a good forum on them also.
I Have the Ofna Dominator and i have to say even with just a Hyper 21 8p in it eats T Maxxs for breakfast and has enuff room left to polish off the odd Savage for lunch! !

As for Hop Ups you can get 2 sp tranny, alloy this and alloy that. Why spend all that cash on a Maxx, then all that cash on a .21 conversion when you cab get a .21 MT that blows a maxx out of the water and has more then enuff Hop Ups going for it.