Micro RS4?

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Ok how has a link to show the size of these bad boys?

I have seen pics of them, but nothing to show there size. Or even a video of them.


I seen that, but they dont show anything to compare its size. They dont even bother stating how large these kits are even in inches. :\

OMG - those things are hardly much longer then the base of the radio!!!

I want one!

I dont know if they are similar in size to a 1:18 die cast but those are only about 11" long, they are really cool little cars my brother in law has two of em.
If you download some of the Micro videos, there's one where a micro and an RS4 are rolling together. That gives you an idea. A lot of the HPI media also shows comparative pics. They are small. But cool. I came close to buying one last month but the budget didn't pan out. Still on my wish list, though.

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