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looks to be in pretty good shape. For the year it is can't beat it!
will you restore or modernise when tidying up needs to be done.
Just a simple restore - it's in incredible shape...I want it to be a driver not a show car...
That is a cool car. It's nice to see some of the older ones still going.
i bet she floats along the road for you,is it almost silent cruising.
I paid $2,200 for the USS Monte...HE's worth about $6,000...

It is a total lush cruiser! Just floats down the highway...
nice!, how wide is it at the trunk? it looks as wide as a lane LOL, must be a big pillow goign on the highway... to bad its a ford...:rolleyes: ;)
Sweet car, i like those old big cars:banana:
wow u had a pretty good deal there getting it for 2200 when it is worth 6000

Hey man my grandma had one of those !! The thing as a tank:D Like riding in a boat going down the hiway:D Sweet ride dude:D
That is a very clean car. I can't believe the little bit of rust on it:banana: What servos and radio are you going to use? Might I suggest a VERY High Torque!:D
Servos and radios? about a laptop controlling another onboard laptop controlling pneumatic actuators and using Blue Tooth 802.11 (wireless networking) technology??

Throw in some voice recognition and you may be on to something!!

Good luck with it. You got a good starting point. I'm doing a '68 Camaro right now that had more rust on the door handle then on your whole car!
Swwweeeeeet Ride! Very Clean.

Can you say CISCO????? hehehehe.... I bet you could easily do the pneumatics. I had a guy locally do that with a Civic. It was sick! The money in the trunk was about 15k alone!
Looks cool, very cool

Originally posted by nitroboy543
nice!, how wide is it at the trunk? it looks as wide as a lane LOL, must be a big pillow goign on the highway... to bad its a ford...:rolleyes: ;)

Whats so bad about ford?
berra if you lived in the US you would know,they are not loved but they sell huge amounts,my dad has an explorer and he likes it(sad man).
there is no account for taste ;)
Ahh someone that still likes the classics I am 28 and I grew up on Cubic inches and Horses you know "No replacement for displacement.." Now with all this rice burner stuff its kind of disheartning. It just dosen't have the same apeal. Not knocking the ability of rice just how it sounds and it jsut dosne't have the brute force oif a big block. Glad to see someone still likes the classics. X
you guys went from beasts to jelly moulds a while back,it must have been a shock.

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