Magnetic Body Mounts

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I've been trying to figure out how to align these magentic body mounts for the last 3 days, I trimmed down the orignal body posts and I just can't seem to figure out how to align them perfectly, the body is painted so it is a nightmare at the moment, if anyone has any tips, it would be much appreciated.
How are you attaching them?
I did magnetic mounts on the hood of my capra. Used 5/16” rare earth magnets, shoe goo’d one magnet to each side of the hood. When that cured i put a scrap of plastic bag between the glued magnets and ones to be stuck to the chassis. Then i put shoe goo on the back of the second magnet and closed the hood.
When everything was cured, i opend the hood, removed the scrap of platic, and done!
So basically I'm putting the body mount on with some body pins and then I try to align the rare earth magnets to the underside of the body but thast where I can't align them and it is messing up the fitment. Its an rc drift car so its a bit weird
Ok so I’m old slow and new to this process but want to try it on a scale body I’m gonna do. Is the connection not so strong it will eventually come off and or mess up paint if it’s that strong to keep a body on in a wreck or what not
You put both sides of your magnetic body mounts on the chassis with a couple sheets of paper between them. Put a drop of Shoe Goo on top of the magnets. Carefully set your body on and align it. Let it set up.

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