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I just bought one of these monsters today. Started building on it tonight. I will let you guys know how it goes. Anyone else have one of these bad boys?
It's actually not a chain drive. A chain connects to the transmission and goes to a sprocket, which turns the center drives. It is relatively small, and well protected, so I don't see anything getting in it (rocks, sticks, etc.)
Well, I got it all broken in (7 tanks) and leaned it down a bit. Pulled back on the throttle and WHAM!!! The truck jerked the front wheels up. I got so excited that I didn't ease off the throttle and after about 20' it flipped over onto it's back. This is one fun truck. And, it does sound pretty cool hearing it shift into 3rd gear. Only thing I don't like is sometimes the wheels want to bounce when turning, but putting the spring collar at the top of the front shocks helps alot with that and it can get a little wobbly at high speed.
I'm sure if you play around with different Oil and springs you will find a sweet spot.
Mad Forceeeeeeeeee

What do you like and dislike about the Mad Force Razor? Are there any weakpoints you would like to address and how do you like the engine? A reply would be great, later.
Realistic looking
Just runs over anything
Engine easy to break-in, tune, keep running....probably the easiest engine to tune I have had
Everything about it is big
Easy to assemble

Sloppy steering
Center drive bone was ejected and lost (now it sits until Tower gets some in) :depress:

Overall I think it is a great truck and I don't regret selling my Maxx at all. I wanted a big, burly, fast 1/8 scale truck and it does everything I wanted.
FWIW, Tower still has the stock center drives out of stock and looks to be late sept / early oct before they get them in. BUT, you can order some machined 303 stainless shafts from RC Alloys.

Hop-ups for this truck are starting to trickle out for anyone interested.

Here's a link for the shafts
Serious Bash Session


Razor you must have really been running your Mad Force hard to lose that center drive shaft. What were you doing, jumping it over a cliff?:p Whatever you were doing you must have been having a lot of fun, Talk you later!
Igor.... it's ALIVE!!!

My RC Alloys center drives came in today. Popped those babies in and off to the backyard I went. So much fun chasing the dogs around with the Force.

When I popped the bone out I really wasn't doing anything that crazy. When you nail the truck from a dead stop it pulls the front wheels up hard. It pulls up so hard that all 4 tires come off the ground for just a second and the truck is only on it's wheelie bar. When it did this and the rear's caught and got traction, the suspension bars flexed, creating enough room for the center drive to pop out. But, it didn't just pop out, it shot it off to who-knows-where. I'm sure my uncle will find it some day while mowing his lawn ;) Anyways, I have a couple of inexpensive little tips and pics I will post this weekend on how to fix all of this and the steering slop.