Mad Force turnbuckle trick

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First of all let me say that I did not invent this and I did read this on another board. I just wanted to pass it along and let you guys know how to do it.

The main purpose of this trick is to provide extra support and strength to the suspension arms and take away much of the flexing in that arm. It will prevent your center drive dog bone from being ejected.

Cost: approx $15

Pretty simple really and will take approx 1 hour from start to finish.

Items required:
Drill with 3/32 drill bit
TMaxx turnbuckles front and rear
Rod ends with hollow ball connectors

On the front suspension arms there are holes already drilled which I used. Screw the rod ends onto the longer turnbuckle (105mm) all the way where you can't see the threads on the turnbuckle. Screw one end of the turnbuckle in the hole already there. Align the turnbuckle along the top side of the suspension arm and mark your hole to drill at the top of the arm (closest to the chassis). Screw that end in as well. Repeat for the other front arm.
For the rear, use the shorter turnbuckle (96mm) but you will need to drill holes on each end of the arm.

That's it. You should not lose any center drives from this point on.