Losi Mini B club racer build

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Found a local ish outdoor backyard dirt track for mini's, they race mod mini b and other classes and that fits directly with my build.
Gonna try to get out there one Wednesday night during the summer
Track: Lightning Buggies RC - Denton MD
One of my buddies races there so I'm going to put his setup on my car and see how it does.


So excited to race on dirt for the first time with this car. 😁
Took the mini b outside today. To try it out. Ran into the trash can and clipped the gutter. Broke the front tower which I did plenty of times before. Good thing I bought gorilla glue the other day. Seems to be holding up just fine. Feeling by hand of course.

Put aside the carpet tire set. Used JConcepts ellipse rear and stock front tires for bashing in the backyard. In the grass. Got through easily where the thin/short area of grass is. Did good on the parking pad too. Going to see if I can get the tlr tuned carbon fiber towers next. Used to have cheap Amazon ones and those broke in no time. Which was back in summer when I was racing.
New Hackfab carbon fiber wide front tower
Replacement Losi turnbuckles and ball cups
Getting this all ready as I am going to the clay track on Monday and I want to try to test it and run it there. Will run my Ellipse tires rear and stock bar tires front, and with traction compound. High kv brushless system, should be pretty fast on the straight, but I will take it easy over the jumps.
Pics coming soon
Took it to the clay track. Did well. Surprised. 6100 kv motor, FAST down that straight. I can get to full RPMs on that motor a split second at the end of the straight. Ran 2 full battery packs. Fun. Broke the rear pivot (again) so I will replace that with aluminum.

Mini B: