Losi Micro T - need esc/servo/motorlipo options

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I just resurrected my Losi Micro T 1/36. It is all stock. I'm really looking to increase the reception and runtime. I purchased the Dumborc x4 rx/tx andhave the Quicrun 1625 ESC. Sounds like I either have to mod the steering servo or find a replacement. Before I attempt to mod it, is there any out there that will fit with none/little modding?

Seems like I can fit a LIPO 2S in there, 250mah? 200mah? But the stock mor would get very hot. So dont mind brushed, so any options brushless, brushed, with a good ESC will do for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my hopped up UE Tmaxx. Been a shelf queen for last 10-15 years