LHS will not honor Traxxas.

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I have 2 LHS near me and both are Traxxas authorized dealers. Yet neither will honor the Traxxas Lifetime engine replacement plan. Both LHS have a 3.3 sitting right in their case but they will not let me exchange my 2.5 for it. Why is this? Being authorized dealers are they allowed to do that?


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Interesting. I would call Traxxas tomorrow and see what's up.


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i know, if you read the directions it does say "save the shipping and use you LHS" But they will not honor that part of it. I think it's wrong. Traxxas should force them to honor the agreement. Or not let them be Traxxas dealers.


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I talked to my lhs about the same issue and their reasons are unerstandable. Traxxas markets their product to a variety of hobiest so some dont even know how to pull the engine off let alone the necessary components for the exchange. From a business stad point it's easy to see why a person would'nt want to do a bunch of free work when they could be helping a paying customer. I know it's frustrating. Traxxas will back the plan though.

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I understand the LHS will not do it cause maybe they were told not to mess with that stuff cause thats more $$ for traxxas.

Cause when you buy the plan you pay who? Traxxas.
So when its broken who should you take it to? The person you paid, Traxxas.


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The real reason a hobby shop won't do this is pretty simple. Supply.

If they exchanged the engine for you with an engine they have in stock, that leaves them down an engine. Not a huge deal, but then they themselves have to deal with Traxxas. They have to contact Traxxas, get them to reimburse them for the engine they coughed out to you, and then send them the carcass.

Back when I worked in a local hobby shop, dealing with Traxxas for warranty stuff was REALLY DIFFICULT. Oft-times it was FAR easier for the customer to handle it themselves. Traxxas would basically have us mail them the carcass first, then mail out another engine. The exact same thing as the customer would do.

They may have changed their policy since then, however. I don't see hobby shops honoring it, though.

Trust me, it's far easier to take the 15 minutes to unbolt your mounts, header, and clutch, and then send the engine off to Traxxas. Might cost you about $5, if you send it priority USPS.

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