LED Light, light kit and/or bar for slash

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Who has done LED lights on their slash? Let me see them.
Thinking about adding some. Either going with something off eBay
Or getting RPM buckets and my own lights
Have RPM F/R bumpers. Don't want to switch bumpers like the Traxxas light kit

Example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/364126099229?itmmeta=01HPG38TRSB0FT82HE0DXQ2YA3

Found these on eBay. These come with a jst plug. I am wanting a futaba plug to plug directly into my receiver, not into my esc (as I am running hobbywing)
What is the operating voltage of these lights I am wondering?

-Copied from FB post-

Thinking about RPM buckets but there is alot of lights to choose from and I want to get the right ones.
I was thinking a proline or cheap amazon light bar on top of the body might be better and brighter possibly? But I do race my slash and thats like, a no for me.

Asking the same for the rustler aswell

This sort of ties in to my cosmetic upgrades thread but id just make a new one because why not. 🤣
Heck, I don't even drive at night so not sure why I want them.
Well, it is always about the looks.
Pretty sure I would get some more points for ROTM if I do some cosmetic upgrades. 😁
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JST plugs fit futaba connectors so you're good there. Probably works off 6V (5-7.4), standard servo voltages.

I never ran lights on my bashers because they'd always get F'd up... And they're not that useful anyway.
I’ve done lights on a truck body for a Slash. It’s all RPM light buckets. The bumper bar actually bolts to chassis


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