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Well I went to the LHS today expecting to have all of my HG parts in for my Losi but they only had the shock clamps. Either way, here are a couple of mods I did as well as a latest pic.

Here you can see how I tapped a new fuel pressure line fitting directly into the lid. If your XXX suffers from constant stalling as well as fuel whizzing back into your exhaust, then this mod is for you.
Click Here For Pressure Mod

In this picture, you can see how I lined a small section of the chassis with foam. 1/4 inch thick and used a spray adhesive to get it to stick to the deck. I also use JR wire wrap to keep the wires not only protected, but from rubbing on components that can create 'chatter'. A little overkill but it works very well.
Click Here For Anti-Chatter Mod

And last but not least, an overall pic of one of my favorite RC vehicles taking in a much needed cooldown :banana:
Click Here For Latest Pic

I will put the new XXXNT Sport body on today and snap another shot. ENJOY!
Looking Good..
Why are your shocks adjusted so deep? Are you using short springs?

The difference of a ¼ inch in ride height will make a world of difference in the way your truck handles.

Are you running without an RX box or just showing off?
My next Losi Part.
I was doing some jumps today so I had it cranked down all the way. I've tried to get this thing hugging the ground but think I need to change up the springs to do that. I think once I get these HG quick clamps on I will change out the springs as well. I want to put the RPM plates in as well. I like the "unsprung" weight concept.

I havent put the RX box back on yet. Just got it back up and running today. I actually snapped the diff bolt overtightening it :angry: So now I'm all back up and running. Still awaiting the HG diff nut.

Going to throw the failsafe back on in the morning too.

I think I might just have to order up one of those hump cases. I've been wondering if I will crack mine off lately. Besides, it will be nice to have a tight fit naturally :wtf: