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First off - does anyone have any old bodies that I can practice on? I'm not really expecting a response, but hey, you never know.

Second - I have Pactra paints now and am wonderring if this is what I should go with. I'm not only looking for a paint that is good in color BUT a paint that is going to be durrable.

Third - What should I use as a final coat on the inside to protect the paint?

Fourth - What temp should the room be that I will be painting in? Just looking for a ballpark as it has FINALLY cooled off in Buffalo and I can begin to paint. Was wayyyyyyyyy too hot and humid for a while there.

Thanks in advance for any info :)
Hey Christian, I prefer pactra paints, they cover very nice, its what I use most of the time. They make a great paint. The final coat really depends on what color you paint the body. certian colors need to be backed with black others need to be backed with white or silver. Tell me about the heat it was 99 degrees here last week and humid as hell. this week it started cooling off here too just in time for the two bodies I am getting ready to do now. As far as the temp anywhere in the 70s or 80s I have found to be good its not so much the temp but humidity in the air that is the problem, as long as the humidity is low you should be fine, until your weather drops to like -100 below up there. J/K
Christian- I have used Parma Faskolors for all my bods. I haven't tried the Pactra. I have had good results. My big mistake was brushing the first body I did. It came out way too thick. And it did chip. But the next one (see "My RS4 3 Stratus) I airbrushed. What a difference. Thin coats. Covered well. And is durable. I imagine both paints will be fine. I usually paint in average temps. Around 70-80 deg. Yeah, I haven't painted anything this summer because I don't stop sweating long enough. But it is alot (!) nicer now. I'm about to order 2 new projects. A ProLine F-350 for my Maxx and an HPI Porsche 911 GT3 for my RS4 3.

And always remember...when you're done, post some pics so we all can see...
I have only used Pactra paints in spray cans and as long as you do several light coats, it will be very durable. I use a hair dryer on a low heat setting in between coats to get the paint to dry quicker and it has been working very well for me.

I back metallic and darker colors that are translucent with indy silver. I back brighter and non-metallic colors with white. The backing also depends on the color effect you want. I did a truck body in blue that I wanted to be a very bright blue, so I backed it in white.