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Yesterday I went out and bought the Kyosho Madforce. Well I put it on layaway, I`ll actually have it in 3 weeks. I was wondering if anyone has one and could give me any tips on building or anything. The thing is I`m a die hard MAXX fan, but when I seen the Madforce`s 3 speed chain driven tranny I had to have it. But I still have to see how well it performs. Thanks for any help.
Soooo.....we have to wait 3 weeks to hear how this thing runs? Awwwww....c'mon! Don't leave us hanging!!! j/k LOL!!!

I hope it's as cool as it looks. Let us know RIGHT AWAY!!!
copy url then paste into broswer his link is not completed here is the pic
Well, I got one yesterday. I went looking for another truck and I just couldn't resist, the MF just had to come home with me. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
I have seen one running and let me tell you, Traxxas has their work cutout for them. This thing IS bad to the bone!

Its a sad day when Kyosho is blowing the doors off a stock TMaxx!
That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Especially since I just sold my Maxx. :banana:
No doubt it seems like a threat. I watched the videos of in online. It's nice. It's got that 3-speed on a .21. That's nuts! I hope it drives well.
Not too bad for a solid axle


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Well, got to start break in on the MF today. Ran 4 tanks through it very rich. Only got into 2nd gear once and that was on the 4th tank. A couple of things about it.....Clutch engages quickly. Front springs are too stiff if set to manf. recommendations. Le the collar go all the way up to the shock body. Front wheels want to bounce a little if you turn it too quickly, I suspect this is a result of the solid axle suspension, but not for sure since this is my first axle suspension. Will let you guys know more this weekend when I start to lean it down and see what it has. Plan to put those wheelie bars to work :D