Kidney Stones SUCK!!!!!

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El Pirata

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I had an I'm chat with Retread a few hours ago stating that I had some severe abdiminal pain. I was thinking my appendix but as it turns out I have a 4mm kidney stone, which is going to hurt when it passes, big time! I just got home from the Hospital and need to see the Army quacks in an hour so they can do the typical Army thing to me. Hey, maybe I'll get bed rest and get a free day off, I mean I was prescribed some narcotic drug to take for the pain.
Drink alot of fluids, flush that little booger out.
COOOOOL! I had 3 already!

Can you say, "Golf Ball With Horned Spikes!!!" ???
O-Man!! Nasty stuff.
I dont want to be around when you give birth.
If you need anything let us know.
Would you mind filling up the 2, 64oz super big gulp cups I have sitting here with water so I can drink them?
Dude, you need a vacation. It's bad enough you've had to suffer through the thrashing of your Maxx. And now have to slowly nurse it back to health. That's enough pain for one man. Now you have to sit around and wait to spawn that silly thing? Vicodin? No. I say get 3 tickets to Bermuda and get the hell out of there. Call us when you get back. :D
OK El grab your stick, its party time at Pavones.
As your in your misery think about all the lovely Latin girls laying on the beach as your drinking some local brew watching one of the worlds longest surf breaks wash in..

I know you’ve been there.. If not, Think about it any way.

Here ya go
Dude if you have a wife or kids send them to grandmas cause you don't want them to hear all the #$%!#$%@%$%^&Y you will be saying as that thing makes its way out... Atleast you are not haveing to get the metal Rod that twist and the razors pop out in the pee pee .... because you go the clap form some 14 year old tiwanese prostitue while on duty overseas... X

Oh one word for your situation SUCK
Dude...not to knock a 4mm stone, but my wife had you beat...she gave birth to twins and then a week later gave birth to a 10mm kidney about pain.

I feel for ya. Enjoy the vicodin and get that Maxx built so we can have some fun next weekend.
I would have preferred the palm trees and the nude beach, women that is or a nice private secluded beach, best for SOTB!!!
Originally posted by El Pirata
...a nice private secluded beach, best for SOTB!!!

Now you are talkin'...reminds me of a story. Wife and I are getting busy on what we think is a "deserted" section of a beach. Dunes on three sides, ocean on the fourth. We're going to town, and then we hear the applause. There is a cabanna a couple of dunes over having some roof work done. There were three roofers up there all clearly able to see what was going on...SOTB rules!
About 2-3 times a year I go hereCrocodile Bay
My buddy owns the joint and I go hang with the help and fish.
SOTB! O- the stories I could tell.
A 5 minute boat ride to Pavones, 10 Minutes to Panama, El Knows.. 15 minutes to the Marlin and Tuna, and nightly visits with one or more of the 6 Guteris Sisters. Its a real small town and fresh meat is allways a welcome site.

Hows the water cup doing? Need a refill yet?
On the beach just past the ridge in the pic is a great place for SOTB, I used it dozens of time while I lived in Panama.

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