just dyed stock rims

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just finished dying the stock rims off my t-maxx. they came out pretty good! my mom just gave me a grave digger body for my b-day so i dyed the rims green to match it. it was a pain to put the decals on but it looks pretty darn good.
Come on Grinch give us some more info like what kind of dye did you use and how did you do it things like that. And when was your B-day???

P.S. Happy Birthday
well... first i wet sanded the rims with water and 000 steel wool to remove the chrome. i used dylon dye that i got at a craft store. then i dyed them for about 35 minutes while constantly stirring. my b-day was the 1st. i'll try to get a pic of the rims to post.
Now that is a much better post...good information. Can't wait to see how they turned out. Happy belated Birthday!
Much better thank you:D
cool. from now on i'll give more info when possible.
Youll be a good poster yet not to say your a bad poster now. The more you can tell the better:D
spot on! soon i'll be able to tell you guys about my homemade shock boots and skid plates!
Cool another do-it-yourself-er. That kind of information is always welcome. Be sure to include things like what materials you used and any lessons learned...like what not to do.
And dont forget the price of all the needed materials and were to get them.
i'm in the process of giving it a good cleaning. as soon as i'm finished i'll try to get some pics. quick question: what should i lubricate afer cleaning and what should i use? and i'm gonna replace the gears in my throttle servo. what should i use in those?
If your talking about cleaning you maxx denatured alcohal works great and its cheap to. Just get a spray bottle put some it and spray away. For lubing I like to use a dry lube from my local bike shop seems to work fine, I use it on the wheel bearings mostly. As for greesing the bearings in servo check with the manufacture to see what they use.
I wonder how RIT Dye will work on the Lexan body for foloring the windows to be off the wall colors?
I dont think Lexan is pouris enough. Let me know how you make out.

I'm in the middle of painting a body now.

For bearring lube, I use bearring oil by trinity. For diffs, use white lithium grease. I also use the lith grease around all points of closure on diffs and servos. Just a hair bead around the rim before you close it up.

I use zinc powder in the servos, VERY LITTLE at that. This stuff is hard to come by but does work well. I think they sell it for the little pine cars that you run in the boy scouts. Check your LHS.
I just got finished painting my body and mounting it. I enmded up with a plain jane fire engine red hmmwv with tinted windows.
cool. thanks. if i was looking for that grease though the last place i'd go is the lhs. i have to wait ten days for them to order me, get this... a header gasket! 2 weeks ago i had to wait for a shock tower. the woman there never knows what truck i have and they're only open for 3 hrs a day. would i find it at a hardware store or tool shop?
Auto parts stores have it.

Sorry you LHS is so weak. That can be a real bummer!