JJRC [email protected] Military Trucks , helping to identifying what kind they really are .

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HI everyone

I`m going to post this thread real quick to help any one who wants to buy and Mod one of JJRC`s WW2 trucks and what they really looked like .

JJRC Q60 deuce and a half , You can Mod this RC to look like a GMC CCKW or a International Harvester M-5H-6 , same cab style , remove a bit of the front , add correct bumper , and cab steps and gas tank , make new back wheel wells , add new front fenders, and back window

JJRC q61 you can mod this one to look like a WW2 international Harvester KR-11 , or Remove the grill in the front and make it look like a WW2 Chevrolet G-7107 cab style the same

JJRC q65 Willy`s Jeep , easy Mod

JJRC Q62 Korean war Dodge M37 , g741 M37 body style was based on the WW2 WC series Dodge WC-51 and WC-52 weapons carrier , easy mod if you want a M37 , kind of hard mod if you want to make it look like a WC-51 or 52



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The second one, in the second row is an M151A1 1/4 ton utility vehicle. The last two in that row is the Dodge 3/4 ton. The tan one in the center of the bottom row has the cab of the 2 1/2 Ton truck, commonly referred to as a "Deuce and a half", But the bed is too short and so is the frame. It's the correct cab but just not an accurate representation of the actual military vehicle as shown below. (10 wheeler)

This one was built from the 60s through the 70s by AM General as the M35A2. The 1/4 ton was built by both Willys and AM General.
All the trucks on the top row are from the 40s and the WWII era and I'm not familiar with them.

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