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Gone - bye bye.
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Get your best friend some neuticles here is a quote froma happy customer and friend
"He's a guy and I wanted him to remain looking like one."
Lane Hinderman
Metairie, Louisiana
Now that is funny...what a twisted world we live in, where this kind of business actually exists...who in the world thinks up that ish.
I think I'm going to get a pair of neuticles for myself, just in case. You never know......

I wonder if they will give me a deal on them since I have 2 dogs that need a pair also :dumb: :rolleyes:
You could always get a set of the horse sized ones and use them as weeble wobbles...
Can I draw faces on the horse ones? Can I get different colors too? I want a full Cultural Family of neuticals!

Also, do they make them in Grasshopper size? I need eye-balls (no punn intended) for my headlights!
you could get them in different sizes and then use the appropriate size for how cocky (no pun intended) you were feeling that day. ;)