If I were to get into 8th scale, which buggy would be the best RTR wise?

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Arrma TLR Tuned Typhon RTR (or roller) vs the new Losi 8ight XE RTR


Or would it better for me to go straight for a kit like Associated Mugen TLR or Tekno?

Just want something a bit cheaper to get me into 8th scale and just fun club racing with my buddies since 10th scale wise, they only do carpet and there is no carpet track around me anymore, until the winter.

And maybe as a mixed basher as well.

Track wise and where I would be racing and bashing,
Ill be at the 2 outdoor tracks near me
1 in Port Deposit MD and the other one in Hanover MD.
My buddies go up to Gs which is 2 hours away so that's not ideal for me currently.
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If you want to be competitive then I would limit between TLR or Caster, main difference is you will get more bang for the buck with Caster and it will also be less expensive to maintain because Caster hands out 35% team driver discounts to just about anyone, more info on Caster here:
More info on building your race resume here if you want to get sponsored by Caster:

You can use me as a reference too!

Caster is a very competitive platform for outdoor loose pack tracks, but it won't be as competitive as TLR if your local track is blue groove high bite. I don't have any setups for TLR but the setup I posted for Caster is very stable and great for a sportsman level driver.

If you are going to build a kit, then I would consider HB which is what I am currently running:
I truly feel that HB is one of the most durable and competitive platforms you can get, see if there are any locals racing this platform at your club and see if they can help you get local parts support.

Main reasons why I prefer Caster and HB are because they offer C Hubs and single 4S pack layout which minimizes maintenance and potential DNF's

TLR runs saddle packs which must be rotated from side to side between each use to evenly distribute the wear on the packs, I can't tell you how many times I've seen racers DNF because they forgot to charge both packs and their battery dumped because they were running saddle packs, more info here on risks with saddle packs:
If I was to leave HB, then I would probably run Kyosho, I don't have any personal experience with them but have seen enough of their RTR's ran locally to convince me that they are capable, however I have no recommendation for a setup and without someone else to provide a proper setup, I would only consider this if there are locals running them to give you proper support:

I personally wouldn't buy the RTR because they are known to replace expensive key upgrades with cheap plastic parts which will force you to ultimately spend the same money as buying a kit in the first place :(

Only exception is Caster which includes all the same upgrades in their RTR except for the upgrades I listed that were needed in the kit.

ARRMA is an extremely dated platform that is far too behind that just won't be worth club racing compared to modern race grade RTR's.
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Only you can be the one to decide on how much RTR components are worth to you in the scheme of things. The DX3 transmitter would probably be the first thing to be swapped out on the Losi. It's not terrible, but it certainly isn't worth the $99 price tag if bought separately. I haven't read any reviews on the Losi 8ight-XE, but the sensored ESC/motor combo would tip the scales in its favor for me if I wanted to dabble in the racing scene and had to have a RTR. I think Losi has a hit on their hands. Time will tell.

Any 1/8 scale buggy, race bred or not, would make a great basher IMO.

Good luck, and have fun.
Do yourself a favor and get a car that others have provided they carry spares, otherwise you'll need to carry all your own spares which can be expensive. Normally I have a second car as my backup and then make repairs to my primary car when time permits.

Part support should be your most important factor in your decision.
Go with the Losi 8ight XE RTR. I had purchased the TLR Typhon around thanksgiving last year for $400 rtr amazon special but decided to let that go due to the weight. Everything is very heavy and for me, I dont' need the extra weight since I don't plan on crashing, just running laps on the 1/8 track. I also predice parts support will last longer on the losi since the TLR X2.0 is not that old and parts are still available.

If i were to bash i'd go truggy or something else with bigger wheels and you'd definitely need more than 4s which in this case this losi is a bad pick.
Don't forget the hpi vorza line up. It may be harder to get and old hop ups that where discontinued are listed as hop ups , still waiting on the slow pace that the brand is coming back. I've had this one waiting for me some time for my attention, but I have soft spot for hpi so I've been snatching them up when I can.