i really need help!!!!

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:depress: i dont really know waht toget but manypeople have helped me alreradybut i want to get a really nice nitro powerd RC car adn I'm gonna build my own track. but i dont know waht type of car i watn. acn you help me???:cross:
Get a XXXNT Adam Drake Edition by Losi.

Or, get the new TMaxx.
isnt this the same as your other post??? if it is a car get the inferno with a 21
yes its teh same as teh other post but i thought making moree thatn one would help me get replys.( talk to maxxcrazy88 some hes my cousin and hes in teh same room as i am adn hes goin nuts cause noone is replying to hia post) please i beg you to make him shut up.

i also need help on my track design..
Welcome to the world of Nitro RC...The T-Maxx is an awesome truck and would be a great place to start...be prepared for a steep learnging curve regardless of what vehicle you buy.
you no room for a track just come over whn mine is built. And I'm not in the room with him any more. Just go with the maxx already (not trying to be mean or any thing)
PS. one question one thread
not you too. now every one is turning on me about that....