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Well I took my new plane out today for an early fight, the takeoff was smooth was having a fun time when about 2 min into the fight I made a wrong move:\. The next thing I know I'm picking up parts from the field I was flying in:depress: Now I need GLUE lots of GLUE to put it back together. Oh well maybe I should just stick with things that stay on the ground, but on the other hand it was so much fun to see the foam fly. Oh one ???? can you solder the antenna wire because there is noway I'm going to be able to solder a new one on the receiver its just to small.
I tried plains in my early days. They are fun but a little 3-dementional for me.
This up and down thing was just a bit much.

Is the wire broken near the top or the RX?
Its broken about 8 inches from the rx.
You should be ok to solder it.
Use as little solder as possible.
Make a good twist connection, solder, and shrink tube it. Use a bit of liquid electrical tape on the ends of the tubing to keep it from slipping. I assume the wire goes out of the cockpit to the tail? If so, It needs to be a strong yet light splice.
Thanks FastEddy I know on my rc cars I just would put on a new wire but the rx in this plane is just to small to do it. Thanks for your input.
I hate when planes dump! and especially when they dump hard! You should check out a Zagi 400x series. I have dumped it about 10 times already and the only thing that goes (if ever) are the elevons. They even sell pre-cut ones now. All you have to do is sand them and trim off one end and wa-la', ready to go again.

www.trickrc.com - make sure its the 400 X series. Not just the plane ole 400. Better run time, carbon spar, better construction on the canopy etc etc. The ONLY hopup you need is the carbon prop (but wait til you bust up the stocks)
When I get my next plane I might just have to try one out:D Thanks for the link.
NP Hunter - if you already have the radio system, you can get the plane for about 120 bucks with motor and batteryand ESC.

You will have to get two micro servos for elevons and one RX.

Does your radio have on board mixing?
Yes it does have mixxing. $120 bucks thats a good price I think Ill have to try and slip one by my wife here real soon:\
Let me know if you order it - Ill snap some pics of some 'essentials' for building it.

Tape, tape and more good tape. The type of velcro you use can be key as well (especially if you crash it often like I do!) :wtf:
Ill let you know when I get the funds together. Thanks