I got my 30 + am I in ?

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Hey Woodie, great job on the forum! Ya gotta love the :banana: Anyway how do we know if we have been entered in the enging drawing? I got my 30+ posts and still going, anyway you could post a list of entrants?
Sure NCNitro, and the easiest way to find out is by clicking on MEMBERS at the top then sort by displaying the top 10. That will give you a list of all the people that are entered. Other then myself, Retread316, and ultimatemaxx. Everyone else is legit and entered.

I am all most there dude is ther still room
Originally posted by Divine
I am all most there dude is ther still room

Until this site has over 200 members you wont have to worry if there is still room :D

:banana: thanks bud I have been typing my butt off
Congrats, guys. Looks like a lot of us are getting there. I'll get there soon enough. Keep the posts coming!!!
Dont forget guys, we still need a lot more members before that brand new engine goes home with someone! SO keep spreading the news. You can even refer people by clicking here

You know we will spread the word thedominator told me i told ncnitro and I will keep passing on the word:banana:
Hey Divine, you may be in the contest, but I know you aren't all there!:D :D ::p J/K See you on Labor day!!