I bought a plane

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Ok I went out and bought a Wingo Porter its a park flyer. The plane is a twin engine pusher and its bigger then I thought it would be. Oh the cool thing Iv been reading in the manual is it can drop a little skydiver or carry up to a 17.5oz payload into the sky. Now the big ????? is what to drop from my new plane:)
Originally posted by NCNitro
BTW where ya been?

Just been going through to much you know what over here:mad: Time is real short right now so I only get on the boards when I can spare the time.
To much wind outside so not yet:mad: But I'm hoping to get the chance tomarrow.
Hey Hunter - good to see you!

Congrats on the plane! I would think about dropping some of those little 50 cent parachute guys you can get in the quarter machines. Those would be cool. I have an article bookmarked somewhere on how to pull it off without any tangle. Ill dig it up and post it for you.

I busted a set of elevons for my Zagi400x today. I had them stacked, grabbed them wrong and SNAP! Both were shot!
Hi Christian:) Thats a good idea the little guys from gumball machines. Let me know if you find the link thanks:)
Tell me how you like the plane I am thinking about getting one.
Ok I got the chance to fly my plane:banana:, well it looked more like a rolercoster ride then a flite up then down up down up down but it was fun. Fun is not the word I should be using it was GREAT... As for how good the plane flies Ill let you all know when I get better at this part of the hobby. FYI I did get it to land on its wheels on my first time out with a little trouble but still great fun.
Congrats on being able to land it!!!! Probably one of the toughest things to do!

Do you use RealFlight G2 Simulator at all?

Post pics of the plane when you get a chance.

Welcome to 3D!!!
I dont have the G2 sim:depress: And I'm sorry to say I dont have a way to post pics yet ( or take pics), but if I ever get any pics Ill post them. Thank you for the congrats Christan.
Hunter...if you get a way to take them; then e-mail them to me; I will gladly host them on my server. My way of saying thanks for everything you've done past, present, and most likely future...
Thank you SkyMaxx when I get back to work Ill get a camera then ill take you up on your offer:)
ZANDOR said:
Dude This thread is like 4 years old!!!

Boy your guys must have nothing better to do with your time pulling up old threads like this one.

But now thats its back up where people can see it again, I still have the plane it still flys but I did put in a set of gear drives for bigger props. And I can now lift a 1lb bomb with it even if I can't hit anything with it. You can buy bomb cases from tower but they dont hold much (about 2oz of flower if that) its better to make the size you want fron pvc tubing.

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