I added lights

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Interesting set up with the lights. I was under the impression that they would be some kind of headlight set up. At least you should be able to keep track of that orange beast at night.
can you get video of it running at night (with no other ights on)
Goin the fast and the furious on us huh that sure is bright
Actually it's fire engine red. I would have prefered to mount them in the front but it's already front heavy until my alum bulkhead braces come in for the rear plus I also need to get some more wiring to mount them on the front but put the battery on the rear.
really that looks orange to me oh well must be the lighting
let's not forget red is also very cool
so either way that is one sweet hummer
Took 10 minutes to install and about $5 at radio shack. The lights themselves were like $10.
yea looks like it will take some time and some $$ to get that fixed. what does Fubar mean??
F'd Up Beyond All Recognition
Oh I get it now I figured it meant something like that but couldn't quite place it
Dude...it isn't beyond repair...you are doing that right now, repairing the beast.
Sounds like its time to step back take a breath and then start in again. Youll get it running soon you have to your a Maxxer:classic:
Good. i was getting pissed!!!! i couldn't get the pics either. Thanks Mayhem