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'Cuse is in the house!
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Well, I just saw pics of the new Savage from HPI. Scary. I have to admit it's sweet. It's a big block. And my guess is it is pretty burly. I won't make the mistake of comparing it to the Maxx as they are 2 totally different trucks. But this one looks really good! I just hope Traxxas decided to make a production big block .21 soon!!
I think if anything Traxxas will do a 1:8 scale truck to put the other 1:8 to shame like they did with the T in the 1:10 scale market. I looked at that truck too, it looks nice on the web page but until I see one in person I would not want to pass judgement, although it seems a little expensive for a rtr monster truck if I am correct I think they will be around $500 when they are released in November. It does look nice though, but after owning my T I think if Traxxas comes out with a 1:8 I might just have to make another addition to my RC garage :D
You guys need to go to the traxxas site they anounced their new truck yesterday its a hoped up Tmaxx with a new .15 motor and rpm widen kits from the looks of it a let down if you ask me. X
Yeah I saw it, this thread was started just prior to its release. I am not the least bit impressed. The new 1:8 HPI monster looks nice though, I would really like the opportunity to check one out in person.
well you can bet I'm gonna get one of these big boys!

Just took a look at this thing it is SWEET I may think about getting one. The price is very healthy as of yet Terible Tower is showing it at like 449.99 so you can bet that LHS will be charging a heck of a lot more that is considering they even get any.
So my question is what did T-Maxxs sell for when they where brand new? I mean durring intial release. Thanks X:banana: :banana:
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Hey Matts, not really comparing the two, I was just really hoping that Traxxas was gonna come out with a 1:8 .21 too, but since they did not and only revamped the T after all their secrecy,and its quite nice for anyone just now looking to get one, but my T is already hopped up alot more then the new T, I want to buy a bigger monster and that HPI looks sweeeeeet. I would love to see Traxxas do a 1:8. I will always keep a maxx too but I really want a Savage now, unless Traxxas comes out with one before christmas looks like the Savage for me. :)

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