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I will be the first one to post here, and say:

I can not wait for these things to be released, I WANT ONE!!!! :D


Dude I was just getting ready to post in here I was just tring to think what i could post about this dude.
I hope we get some review in a mag this month so that we can acually get some data on what this bad looking dude will do.

So the question is how do we think this thing will compare to
Kyosho MAd Force
and the
Thunder Tiger EK4
Oh and the
Ofna Dominator these have all been reviewed and are supposed to be fast Mothers. So is the Savage really the one to have? That Dominator is SWEEET Looking also. So Lets hear your thougts on what you guys know about and think about each. X
:banana: :banana:
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you can bet your bottom dollar there's gonna be a review up here as soon as i get my hands on one!

The scary thing is the more I look at it, the more I like it. I have not been a fan of the Dominator and really not a fan of the EK4. But just looking over the Savage gets me going. I'd like to say that it would be nice to get one. Again, the budget doesn't permit. I'd have to sell my Maxx. And there's no way I'm doing that. I can't wait to see one......
It sure does look cool, but i think, no, i will, stick to my t-maxx.
EK-4 = Overgrown buggie with a Monster engine. Fun? Sure, NOT a basher though...you do get tired of ONLY being able to do wheelies.

Dominator = Another overgrown buggie...a "truggie" if you will.

Savage = I want one now! Total monster truck design from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. The hop up parts will be flying off the CNC machines before you can say HPI Savage.

New T-Maxx = Minor revision to our favorite standby. No - it's not NEW, just improved. I'd say it's a T-Maxx V1.7 at best.

Terra Crusher = Overweight and underpowered.

Mad Force = Cool design, fast...but the ladder link suspension just doesn't perform the way a fully independant one does. Great articulation - do you need articulation for jumping? For bashing? For racing? No - this is the perfect design for a slow moving electric rock crawler.

'Nuff said?
Well with school starting in about two weeks, I need to buy the good books and other school stuff. So i am considering selling the maxx for a savage! decisions, decisions :D

Originally posted by Retread316
EK-4 = ... crawler.

'Nuff said?
Retread Spoken Like a Gentelman and a Schollar.. hmm why do I fell like I am being fooled. j/k
No well put I agree almost exactly. X
Matts, I want one but I ain't givin up my Maxx either. I really want a 1:8 monster and since Traxxas did not do one I really like that new Savage. I love the twin verticle plate chassis! I am getting one for Christmas. WooooHooooo :banana: The Wife already pre ordered it at my lhs. Yeah Buddy!!!