Hpi ALuminum big bore shock caps busted off once again

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So I ran my savage yesterday with the aluminum big bore shocks. and I'm not happy, one medium sized jump and the rear shock caps busted right off. both, in the same spot.


Temporary solution


So I posted this up in the URC forums and they recommended I use Hellfire Shock caps with their bleaders. I was able to dig up this thread from these forums.


They seem good and I'm willing to take the shot so from what I understand I need these parts,



However I don't know where to get the hellfire shock caps from as they are discontinued everywhere!
So if anyone has a link to an aftermarket aluminum shock cap that would awesome!!!

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The whole thread sounds like although it would add strength, getting the caps to seal properly sounds like a hassle! It might make more sense (although increasing cost) to look into a whole shock replacement. I do not own a savage so I don't have a good replacement in mind but they have got to be avail in a good aluminum replacement where sealing isn't an issue. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

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