Howto: Rewind a pullstart

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Okay, so you have an engine with a slipping one-way bearing... You take the pullstart off, only to have it go BOING on your hands:


First thing you have to do, after experiencing the feeling of dread, is to straighten the spring out. Remember to do it gently, and avoid bending the spring while carefully flattening the spring.


A side note; if the spring completely balls up on you, carefully remove the balled up spring from the housing, and locate a pillow. Gently toss the spring against the pillow, and it should uncoil itself, landing in a spiral, as seen in the picture.

Once you get the spring flattened, you're half-way there. Next, tighten the spring up, so it will fit in the housing. This is done by pulling the outside end, then re-wrapping it... Repeat until it will fit in the housing.


The hardest part is getting the spring hooked into the casing, with the spring completely flat. Using a pair of needlenose pliers, gently and carefully insert the spring into the housing.


Once it's laying flat in the housing, you can let it uncoil to a 'resting' position. The next step is to re-wrap the string. You don't have to re-wrap the entire length, but you do need to wrap it at least two or three wraps.


Once you get it re-wrapped, carefully insert the spool into the housing, and hook the spool onto the spring:


Once you get the spool into the housing, use a small tool (such as a toothpick) and carefully pull the string out (as shown below).


Carefully press the rope between the spool and the housing. Repeat this step until you have correct tension.

Congrats, you have re-wound a pullstart!


Now reinstall it on the motor, and enjoy!



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You forgot the 4 or 5 times the spring goes "BOING" while trying to reinstall it in the case!LOL
Nice post man.:cool:


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Life's to short for pull starts. ;)

I have a nice gash in my wall to prove it.

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