How to make pull tabs on your body clips/pins

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I see even we have a little snow in the forecast this week. I doubt it amounts to anything though. I actually kinda miss the winters where we would get a couple feet a week. I used to drive 70 miles to work in 12" of snow. Never bothered me. Owner of the shop would get pissed when I'd show up and people that lived within 10 miles of the shop would say they couldn't make it in. He'djump in his truck and go get them 🤣 Have not seen that kinda snow for at least 10 years now.
Definitely miss that. I have no winter toys anymore because of the mild winters.
Ooooo is that Rouge ….. ❤️
Nope, it's Rogue
I use the ProLine caps on my slash. I like them. Keeps the body more secure
I use Velcro on the buggy and mini b. On the side rails.
I still use the old fashioned clips on the rustler.

I lost a few body pins while bashing. But never had them break. Wow
Can you recommend proline caps for my Arrma Notorious? With a link? Thanks.