How to make a video with your rc

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Looking back on here,

With me, offroad racing here
Got a cheap 5 dollar phone head strap thing. Record with my phone. Its alright. But I can't seem to get the cars in view of the camera, and I cannot adjust the mount any lower.
Would it be worth it to upgrade to a gopro or some kind of cheaper action camera?
If you check some of my first POV videos, yea half the time you cannot see the car. Its that terrible.

With some of these videos, they are super low quality since I streamed them on FB. Did that because it doesn't take up space on my phone. But now i strictly just record since FB stream quality is the worst at 360P or less, and I can't stream on mobile with landscape mode anymore. If I record strictly with my camera and upload it to YT later, I can get full 720P, or sometimes 1080.

I might go back to what I did before, let my dad record my races. But its 10 times better if your looking at a first POV and more entertaining.

I tried my best with recording my races.
Maybe In reality, I need to look more down so my phone can be pointed down more. Or should I try out different kind of straps / mounts?
Seen a few that clips onto your hat, might try that. (hey that rhymed 🤣 )
Seen a few chest mounts aswell. But the drivers stands at the tracks are tall so that won't be beneficial, plus I only move my head, not my body like if I were out bashing for example.

But going back to the main question, I also use a cheap amazon selfie stick, which I broke, but is still useable. I been using that for the basement mini track as shown here:

Some of my buddies film there races aswell.
Channels shown here:
Way much better video and you can actually see the car. - you also see RC Underground live streams, he uses a gopro on a long stand to catch the whole view of the track
And here is the main channel for the races, she has a small camera set up in the corner:

I use this strap btw
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