How Do You Guys like My NewSIG??

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sweet move,i hope you do not get hassle for it.
They can ban me if they want to.
I spend more time here then there now anyway.
stands to reason guys,90% of the posts on here are good,sorry for my 10%:D
i was not talking about the mods,i`ll post a link for a thread on traxxas


what are they on?
Yea, I seem to like this board better too. It seems that the good, knowledgeable people are coming over here. I haven't seen 1 post asking "Why is my 1 way bearing slipping?":)
Yes!!!!! According to Fett, I'm "good, knowledgeable people"!!!! Damn, that's awesome. Thanks Fett!!!! LOL!

Just kidding. I'm finding much more readable info here. The Traxxas site is in the middle of a very big quarrel about the new T. But I think all of us have made peace with it. So it's a much nicer place to visit!

And Easy, what the heck happend to that post? Who were those guys, and what was their point?
Candyman...i have no idea what that was about,or what planet they are from;)
The way to get all them little brats from Traxxas boards here is to give away stinger instead og an O.S. Engine. X:banana: :banana:
body clips are more their idea of hop ups;)
Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
body clips are more their idea of hop ups;)
OMG LMAO dude I never even tought about that thats pricelsess. X:banana: :banana:
a weeks wage for them would get some annodised ones,if they got their bonus too:)
I guess my SIG would be useful if I posted over there, huh?
Most of the time it dosen't seem worth it to me to take the time to type out a response.
was i the only one lost by their response?or are they on something floaty:)
Easy...those guys were either trashing this site or just out there in another world.

Darth...nice idea, but that might get those knuckleheads moving towards this forum...not my idea of nirvana. Perhaps you'd be better off inviting specific individuals rather than the general populace of the TRAXXAS might get more undesirables like me over here...;) or worse OQ and HW might pay us a visit and start some combat...
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Sky...i thought the same thing too,this is the first e-mail notification from this site since the weekend:(
Sky, I thought about what you posted and removed the Nitro Talk URL from my sig. I'll just stick to inviting individual people. :)

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