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OMG! It was pure INSANITY!

I'm sitting here, reading through the forum, then all of a sudden I hear, bzzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I blow it off, and then it gets louder and louder and louder....

Well I turn on my halogen and all of a sudden, like a bat out of hell, a flying fleet of yellow jackets STORM the Halogen like candy to a kid. I kid you not, there were over 50 of these things!

I quickly run out of my room, close the door and go looking for the "killemall" spray. When I get back into my room, there is smoke POURING from the top of my Halogen. These morons decided they wanted to meet their god today! At least a few of them anyhow.

So I put on my longsleeve, pants and a hat to prepare for combat. I burst back into my room, slam the door and begin freakishly spazzing out and spraying like a madman! Eventually I killed off the bulk of them and managed to get a couple dozen out through the windows. Whew! What a moment!

THEN, the process began, looking for their home! And sure enough, what do I find, but a hole in the ceiling. These rat turds decided they wanted to live in my ceiling. Well I got them! Spray, spray, spray away! Once they stop coming out I will patch the hole and rip in through the roof to get the rest.

The bad part is I suffer from Apiphobia or Melissophobia (whichever you prefer). This is a phobia of bees!

Go Figure!

Did you get stung?? Yellow jackets hurt way more then wasps:(
The bees are comming to get you ha ha !!
The bees are comming to get you !!

You're lucky you didn't get stung.

You MONSTER dude you are sure to pi$$ off someone liberal Yellow Jacket Lovers group. Probably the same people from Midget Lesbians against Tall Good looking people or some other crazy crap like that
X:banana: :banana:
Man thats crazy!! Make sure you get the Queen, Do yellow jackets have queens? Oh well I hope you dont get stung those suckers burn. Your lucky they did not swarm the computer monitor as you were checking out the forum. Boy do bugs smell BAD when they get burned up in those lamps :)
Put your helmet on son your going into battle.
I can see your arms flailing around armed with matching cans of bug spray, bobbing and weaving among the plumes of smoke.

Last year when I fired up the BBQ for the first time of the season I thought the food was attracting Yellow Jackets. OK, No big deal. Well the second and 3rd time the same thing happened. Hmmm. Getting ready for a party I tap on the LP bottle and it seemed low. Get the pliers from the garage un-do the hose and pull the bottle out. What’s this stuff on the side of the bottle, its moving, yellow things are starting to come out. Heeeeellllllpppppp.
I ripped open the Yellow-Jacket nest. I guess I made a ruckus because my neighbor was peering over the fence LHAO like no tomorrow.

I go to the LHS H=hardware and talk to the bug lady. She assured me that the best thing to use outside is WD-40 or spray furniture polish. It coats the nest and wings of the nasty bee like critters with oil and or wax. And they drop like a rock.

Have fun buddy. Wish I was there to watch. :D

1 sting! Thats It! Little critters were still up in there and I was being stupid trying to evict the rest of 'em. I'm waiting til dark to do the rest of my damage!

NCN - Dude! The Smell was BRUTAL! Smelled like dung! Seriously - I almost though for a minute one of my kids didnt make it to the head.

X - Now wouldnt that just be my luck! I've done it once already...

Eddy - we are most Definately going fishing buddy! We just have to figure out where and when. I might just have to travel 3500 miles to get there. Now you have me all paranoid about the grill! These things really scare me. I know, a grown man scared of bees. At least I admit it! hehehe
Originally posted by FastEddy
I go to the LHS H=hardware and talk to the bug lady. She assured me that the best thing to use outside is WD-40 or spray furniture polish. It coats the nest and wings of the nasty bee like critters with oil and or wax. And they drop like a rock.

Have fun buddy. Wish I was there to watch. :D
Oh come on I know everyone else as soon as they saw wd40 was thinking LIGHT IT UP BABY. I know I was chasing them little dudes with a pockey sized blow tourch Bar-B-Q'd Buggies X
:banana: :banana:
Naaaa, HairSpray works sooooo much better lol!
OMG! Thats the best - now not only would that be good for insect control but could make for some very interesting evenings in the bedroom!

Its in the wasp family, it looks like a cross between a wasp and a bee, they are mean little buggers that hurt like heck when they sting! Cristian I am glad they only got ya once that could have been much uglier!
Yeah and when you kill one they send a distress signal to the rest of the swarm and you BETTER look out!! And when you disturb their nest....well lets just say it ain't pretty! 1 sting is soooo lucky!
Well this dang problem just isnt going away :confused: I'm going to have to tear out a good chunk of the ceiling. In the meantime, I sit hear quiverring with fear than more and more are going to eat me!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! These things are a real pain!
Did you try throwing a couple of bug foggers up in the attic? bees hate smoke especially poisonous smoke, lol. If we dont see you here for a while we will send help, just in case they do eat you. Good Luck!
Seek Help.....
This may be a good time to pass the flag to someone stupid enough to do this for a living.

If one of the little jerks byts your face you may look like this :confused:

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