HiTec Digital Servos

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  1. Bashing
After reading through the results of my search on HiTec servos on the TRAXXAS forum, I have decided to start a new thread (there was nothing mentioned on digital servos).

Here are my questions:
1. Has anybody used this servo in their T-MAXX:
2. If so, what was your opinion?
3. Any recommendations for or against digital servos?

Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure if this is true or not but when I replaced my steering servo I was told that digital servos were not the best choice for offroad applications. So I decided to just go with the hi-tek 645 mg, and it has been great! Maybe someone could help clear this up for me too. :confused:
Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up getting the Digital version of the 645. It has a 168 oz in of torque on a 6Volt set-up. I'm thinking that is plenty of torque. We'll see how it handles the off road conditions as soon as I am able. I just installed it and a few more goodies this weekend.
I ran it this evening, and that servo is awesome compared to the stock servo (which now drives my throttle and brake). Talk about responsive. It was almost like driving a real car that is properly aligned. Point it in a direction you want it to go...servo keeps wheels centered and straight (bumps mean nothing to it)...it steers straight and true. A well spent $60.
I'm glad your happy with it. I think I may put my 645 on my RS4 3 and buy the digital for my T. Let us know more after some serious bashing. :D
Count on it.
Guess I'm chasing Sky around on this forum!!! Better chance of catching ya!

J/k - Yes! Absolutely! 110%! That is one bad azz servo! I think its great. No centering pod! All that Torque! BAM! Like Louisianna Hot Sauce!

Once you get the NiMh your really going to fall out of your chair.

Yep - thats it! Where did you get it for 59? I thought my LHS was giving it to me for a good deal (same price).
Got it at my LHS (Debbie's RC World in Virginia Beach).
Well then I guess we can both say we have a good LHS ;)

Always nice when they take care of you ya know :banana:
I have the 645 digital servo and love it It rocks:banana:
You know - funnier things have happened. First the Durratrax header then this. When I posted this servo up on the Traxxas site it was just short of being called TRASH!

Oh well. Just goes to show you dont have to blow your wod to have good things!

And now we have money left over for our SuperMaxx! :banana:
I ran the beast this evening in my little backyard bash arena. The servo worked awesome. I actually experienced some gyroscopic action off the jumps when I input a turn. That's the first time (never did it with the TRAXXAS stock steering servo). This thing had my truck turning on the terrain as if it were on the street. So far this is the best $60 I've spent on the truck.
I'm thinking that you will like the HiTec Digital servos. They have some bigger torque servos in the 845 and 945 families...they are a bit more on the cost, but I think the 5645 digital is the way to go. IMHO.