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Hello everybody, I just got my first nitro stadium truck, it's a Duratrax Maximum ST Pro! I bought the prebuilt version so I still need to do some assembling. Who in here have the ST Pro? What do you like or dislike about it? My MT pro can go in excess of 40mph so the ST Pro should be in and around that speed also. I am still relatively new to nitro trucks so my tuning skills are not equal to most of you so I will be asking a lot of questions later. Well i hope someone here that have the St Pro will respond. Talk to you all later and have fun!
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I'm glad that you took my invitation over here Freedom.
Welcome to R/C Nitro Talk.

Thank you for welcoming me, I like the atmosphere here, kind of relaxed, hopefully all my newbie questions would be answered promptly that would be just awesome. I just got my first nitro, the Maximum Mt Pro running right again this morning imagine my delight vrooom! Then my batteries died bummer! So I went out to Walmart and the PX and spent almost $80 dollars on rechargeble NI-MH batteries! :banana:

I like that banana the traxxas forums don't have him hehe.:banana:
Welcome to the Board! Glad to see your enjoying your ride.

If you have any questions, post away. Someone here should be able to help you.
Just curious, what type of batteries did you get? You'll need 6.0v in order for your truck to run properly. If you got Nicd rechargeables at Wal-Mart, chances are they are only 1.2v each, equalling 4.8v total. Not trying to get in your business, just wanted to make you aware since you are new to the scene.
My Batteries

The batteries I bought are Energizer Ni-MH batteries that come 4 in a package for $12, I have not tried them yet because it takes 10 hours to charge eight of them and I need 12 charged, tomorrow on Sunday after Church I will try them out, hopefully they will work because I cannot return them I don't think after they're charged. Thanks for your concern, talk to you later, and have fun.
Since Walmart does not really check to see if they are charged, if they don't work well...put them in their original container (if you still have it) and take them back. Tell them they weren't right for what you needed.

BTW...a 4.8V set of batteries will work. You just won't get the same range and run time from your batteries as you would with a 6.0V setup.


My batteries work great, they have more than enough power and last a very long time! I highly recommend this type of batteries, remember they are Energizer 1700mah Ni-Mh, I am using a Rayovak charger, it's great also since it charges 8 batteries at a time! I have 16 AA, 2 Cs and the charger all for $80.00 at Walmart. Talk to you later!
I’m using a similar setup for the batteries in my TX (Transmitter)
It nice to have a spare set of batteries all charged up and ready to go.

Razor brings up a good point. For your RX (Receiver) you may want to get a battery pack designed for RC trucks. Using a 6 volt system is a lot safer than using a 4.8.

Until then make sure your batteries are fully charged when you go out to play.
A weak or dead battery can and will destroy your truck in the wink of an eye.
Please do your self a favor and install a throttle return spring or a failsafe as soon as possible. If you need help with this please ask.
Duratrax Maximum Mt Pro


Both of my nitro trucks have a throtttle return spring or fail safe systems straight from the factory!

I think that was very good thinking on the part of Duratrax, Can you believe it? I do make sure that my batteries are fully charged not only because it's the safe thing to do but also it's the only way I will have nonstop action!

Where can I get a 6 volt systems specialy designed for R/C? Links would be great if you can provide it. :banana:

Thanks for your concern, talk to you later!
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I like Trinity.
They make all different shapes and sizes. You will need to find one that fits the design of your truck. Try your Local Hobby Shop (LHS) or Tower.
Here is a link.

If you still need help let us know.

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